Cell compiler version 0.6

Version 0.6 of the Java code generator is now available. There are no new features, but, apart from fixing a couple of (serious) bugs, the new release sports a much improved implementation of ternary relation. You can see the results in the benchmarks. The code generated by the cell compiler has now all but closed the performance gap with the handwritten Java in the data loading tests, which were the only ones where it was overall still trailing the handwritten code.

The next step will be the implementation of the C/C++ code generator. The functional part of the language is already basically complete, and the Cell to C/C++ compiler can already compile itself. As one would expect, the generated C++ is a lot faster than the generated Java and C# (by about ~5X in compilation tests). Implementing reactive automata should be relatively straightforward, but for relational automata there's a lot of work to do, also because this time I'm trying to focus on performance from the very beginning, unlike what happened with the Java and C# versions, where performance was more of an afterthought.